QAF (Questions Asked Frequently)

… because it’s usually better to put the adverb at the end, right?


  • What is the process for having something edited?

Generally, you send us a Word document (although we also edit things in other formats, such as PowerPoint and hard copy) and tell us any particular concerns you may have. If it’s an academic paper, you let us know whether your program follows APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, or a different style. You decide whether you want us to track the changes. Then you give us an idea of your timeline. Depending on the project, we may ask you for half of the money before we begin. After we’ve edited (and formatted, when requested) your document, we send you an invoice. You have the option of paying us either by sending a check to the address on the invoice, or via credit card or PayPal by going to the Rates page on our website and putting in the correct amount.

Then you breathe a sigh of satisfaction because your project is finished and in good shape.


  • Should I have you use Track Changes?

That depends on what you want. Some people just want to have their paper fixed up; they don’t need or want to know about all the details. There’s no reason to have us track our edits if that’s your position.

Other people like to have a lot of control over the process, or they want to learn from our edits. In that case, they like to have the changes tracked because they can choose to accept or reject each one with ease.


  • How do I accept the changes?

You can do it in one fell swoop if you like. Just go to the Review tab and look for Track Changes, roughly in the middle of the toolbar. In the section to the right of that, you’ll see the word “Accept” (or “Reject”). Click on the little triangle or arrow under the word. A drop-down menu will open that includes the option “Accept All Changes in Document” or “Accept All Changes” (depending on which version of Word you’re using).

If you want more control over individual changes, you have options. For one, you can either right-click on the edit and choose “Accept Insertion” or “Reject Insertion” (or “Accept Deletion” or “Reject Deletion”). For another, you can highlight a section of text and then click on “Accept” or “Reject” in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can accept or reject a single change using the arrows under “Accept” and “Reject” in the toolbar to get to the options “Accept and Move to Next” or “Reject and Move to Next.”

We are always willing to offer further guidance about this process.


  • Do you only edit longer pieces, or would you be willing to look over an email I need to send out?

We will edit pieces of any length for a minimum charge. One of our clients hires us primarily to whip emails into shape.


  • What if I don’t know which level of editing I need?

No problem. Leave it to us; we’ll figure it out.

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