I Don’t Need an Editor

Who needs an editor?


We have an editor friend who once edited a book for someone who is very famous. He didn’t want her to make any changes. “He seems to believe deathless prose drips from his pen,” she said dryly.

But now his book is out there. It’s selling. And it doesn’t have any mistakes.

The truth is, there’s not a person alive who doesn’t see what she or he expects to see when reading their own copy. Missing words or letters are automatically supplied by our brains. From perfectionists who fret over every jot and tittle, to visionaries who can’t be bothered with the details, all of us can benefit from having someone polish our writing and make it more compelling.

For one thing, someone who is outside your head is often the person who can best figure out how to make your topic, your paper, your manuscript, your newsletter interesting to those who aren’t necessarily in your field. Maybe you use language specific to your field that other people won’t understand. Maybe you’re writing about something that seems simple to you, but is complex to others, because they don’t know anything about it. Because we’re not an expert in your field, we know how to shape your words in a way that draws in other people who aren’t familiar with what you do.

For another thing, having polished materials means your credibility will grow. Our clients include:

• Executives
• Software developers
• Publishers
• Universities
• Academics
• Authors
• Students
• Magazine editors

And that’s just a start. These people and companies are professional and respected in their fields. It doesn’t make sense for them to lose the credibility they may have spent a lot of time building over something like a misplaced apostrophe. “Nobody notices that stuff,” some may scoff. It’s true—many people don’t notice an errant comma or a misspelled word. However, for those of us who do notice, those small errors tell us something about conscientiousness and attention to detail. Those mistakes may not have anything to do with the writer’s intelligence—but a lot of people are going evaluate the writer and find him or her wanting if those errors haven’t been corrected. If they’re thinking about hiring someone, they want those pieces to be in place; that tells them that the person is also likely to pay attention to the small details that matter to them, as well as to the overall product.

Hiring someone to look over your writing doesn’t mean you’re deficient in some way. It actually underscores how conscientious you are.

If you hire us, you can get back to doing what you do best—and we’ll help you tell the world what that is.

Send us your materials. We’ll help keep your reputation strong.

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